• Septic tank pumping and cleaning

    The top solution to all your septic tank issues

    Keep your current septic system working smoothly, without any cracks, leaks, clogs or anything else that may cause overflows or breakdowns.


Septic tank installation

Affordable septic systems in all types and styles

Talk to our state-certified and highly experienced techs about financing options for a brand new septic system installation for your home.

Keep your septic system clean and efficient

If your waste-water system is in any way broken, backed up or overflowing, then call us today for 24-hour pumping and thorough repairs.

Women of Septic Solutions Environmental Inc.

Clearing the way for proper waste-water flow

If any number of things are clogging your drain field, don't wait for things to hit the fan. Call us today and we'll handle all your drainage issues.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late, Call the Septic Pumping Pros

As a homeowner, maintenance can be an overwhelming task; septic tank upkeep is an area you can’t afford to put off. Mounting septic repair issues can create hazardous health conditions for your family as well as your neighbors.

Schedule routine maintenance to ensure cracks, leaks, and clogs are being prevented. Simple upkeep could avert complete breakdowns of your septic system. Our employees are up to date with the latest technology and can confidently handle your needs. Some of our services include tank cleaning, clogged pipe repair, grease trap cleaning, and 24-hour septic pumping. We are always on call to our specialty stool bus service!

Septic Solutions Environmental Inc. has over 20 years of experience with septic tank installation, septic repair, and maintenance, including septic pumping in:

Polk County, FL • Haines City, FL • Auburndale, FL

Drainfields Cleaning to Prevent Floods and Damage

Our experienced and state certified employees are prepared to handle both routine and emergency drainfields repair. You may notice that water won’t drain from bathtubs or sinks after a heavy rain; this may cause your drainfield to become flooded and contaminated. Drainfields can fail for many reasons, including tree root blockage and soil saturation. Call us immediately for drainfields pumping so that wastewater doesn’t become an overwhelming issue.

Systems to Fit Your Needs

Septic Solutions Environmental Inc is fully licensed and insured. We will assist you in finding a septic system to fit the needs of your home or business. This includes interlocking chamber panels, traditional rock and pipe units, new pumps, new grease traps, and more. We always provide completely free estimates and also offer affordable financing options.

Do not delay in managing your septic pumping needs or correcting time sensitive repair issues! Call our experienced technicians for septic system solutions in Polk County, Haines City, and Auburndale FL. We’ll have your issue corrected and cleaned up in no time.

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