Drain field repairs

Keep your property sewage-free

Remove blockages, and resolve flooding and any other problems that may arise in your pipes or over your septic system's drainage field.


Septic truck

Avoid the prolonged mess of drain field problems

If sewage will not drain properly from your house, or if water won't drain from sinks, tubs or toilets shortly after a heavy rain, then your drain field may become flooded and contaminated. Whatever the reason, call us today for emergency, inspection, pumping service, and repair, so your property doesn't become overwhelmed with waste-water.

Stopping all drainage field problems at their source

There are a number of causes for drain field failure, and our technicians have experience handling them all, including:

  • Groundwater flooding
  • Tree-root blockage
  • Solid sewage blockage
  • Soil infiltration

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